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Steroid injections into the jaw



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Jan 5, 2012
I have seen a specialist and they are advising that maybe a steroid injection into the jaw may help with my painful jaw that also slips out of the join.

They have told me that this would be done under GA as it isn't very pleasant and they try to manipulate the jaw at the same time in the hope it eases the pain I have. They say it might help but it doesn't work for everyone.

In your experience do these injections so any good and are there any side effects after, I was told there would be some swelling and pain after but how bad is it.
TMJ issues aren't my thing,perhaps some other dentist may help you. I've had 2 steroid injections in my wrist. They hurt but tolerable.

i presume you have had several appliances?
Thank you for your reply comfortdentist, would you advise a patient of yours to have it if they asked you.

I have only had a mouth guard for about 18 months what else could be tried. I am told they will do it under GA because it is not so nice as they put it. I am worried about having this and I haven't decided yet whether or not to agree to it. I will ask the dentist I am seeing next month what he thinks about it. I have two to three months to think about it.
So there are several different designs of a mouth guard. I wold encourage you to try more than one. Two popular ones are a flat hard one where all the teeth meet and another is a small one that only the front teeth touch(NTI).
There are more.
So these guards are to provide relief and work well for many people. People get pain more from hyperactivity of muscles either from occusal disharmony, stress, joint dysfunction, or organic bruzers. I have NO idea which one you are but this is general info. Perhaps one of the other dentists knows more about this.

Oh a rare patient gets injection therapy, very rare.
Why is injection therapy rare?
I think it's because dental field is so oriented towards mechanics rather than drug approach also steroids typically don't provide long term relief and can't be repeated to much.
Thank you, they said that it might work it might not but even if it did it is only temporary.

My fear besides the obvious one of having it done is, I am fed up with the pain and discomfort but if I do get some relief from this then I am sure it will feel twice as bad when I am unable to have any more injections.

I am thinking I will not have them because a Dr at hospital once told me that if I don't tolerate anti inflammatory drugs and they upset my stomach then I shouldn't have these kinds of injections.

I think if an appliance could be offered that might be better and longer lasting.

I have plenty of time to think about this so I can decide later.
Hi Carole,
Not to add to your dilemma here but I've got rheumatoid arthritis and have lots of damage in my joints - particularly knees. I've been getting steroid injections every 3 months and now they will only do them every 6 because the steroids that help with pain and mobility also damage delicate tissue with frequent use over time. It's a catch 22. Temporary short term relief with potential for long term damage. Also have had welts all over from one type of steroid (may have been a reaction to a preservative) but it wasn't fun. Maybe try some MEGA anti inflammatory meds - Celebrex worked wonders for me if you can tolerate it.
Thank you Mugz I am really worried about these injections and the side effects. I have lived for years with a painful jaw but it is getting worse that is why these injections have been suggested.

I am open to any and all comments that any one makes and no one will add to my dilemma, I will feel better if I feel that people on here especially people that have had the injections tell me what they experienced.

It would take the specialist some convincing for me to have them. I am thinking that it might not be a good idea. I do have arthritis in many joints but haven't had any of the injections. I am terrified of having them in my other joints and the jaw seems a worst place to be having them.
Hi I might have to have this done been told to eat soft things for 6 weeks to see if this helps. Have been doing it for 3 weeks now and no change to pain so far. Has one had these injections in their jaw yet?