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Steve Woolley, Cardiff



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
Steve Woolley
59 Cathedral Road
CF11 9HE
Tel: 029 2023 1258

Steve has been interested in treating anxious patients since his student days, and has been providing treatment with TLC, sedation, hypnosis or a combination of all three in the hospital where he works for a decade.

He is involved in teaching conscious sedation and special care dentistry at Cardiff University. Last year he started a part-time position at Bay House dental practice in Cardiff where he currently provides general dentistry (both NHS and privately). He would like to make sedation available at the practice in the near future.

Steve is very friendly and personable, and his view of dentistry reflects the view sung by Fun Boy Three and Bananarama: "it ain't what you do it's the way that you do it": whilst good clinical skills are important, what people remember are the interpersonal ones. This is the message he tries to instil in the students he teaches!


Junior member
Jan 21, 2013
I have had a ‘fear’ of the dentist for 34 years. As a woman of 44, I know how illogical this is, but this is due to a string of standoffish, rude and condescending dentists spanning those 34 years. Before I registered with Stephen Woolley’s practice I thought I would never find a dentist who would 1st listen and then explain what was happening in a perfectly understandable language so that I understand; a) whats happening in my mouth and why, b) what can be done, and c) how to try and prevent it happening again. Mr. Woolley has been able to answer my questions by not making me feel stupid and childlike for asking.
Of course logically, I know I’m not stupid and that most of my fears are psychosomatic, but that’s the way I have felt mainly due to the lack of interest in me, as a patient and not as just an object. For the first time, because of being listened to, I feel I can ask simple questions and Mr. Woolley will answer them. He also puts my mind at ease when treating me by talking me through the procedure as it happens. The ‘fear’ is always there but my anxiety levels drop because I gain an understanding of the procedure, am treated with respect, am not made to feel stupid and feel the age I am and not my shoe size (which incidentally is size 8!)
Keptin Kirk

Keptin Kirk

Junior member
Jun 22, 2013
On the Starship Enterprise
I'm pretty sure Steve is the one who was talking to me about the sedation I'm going to have (the best thing about him is that he said after the sedation I should go home and watch Cash in the attic :giggle:) he's quite lovely and I feel pretty safe with him. :) Thanks for the suggestion. I will ring up tomorrow. So long as he can be the one doing the dental treatment.