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Still depressed & anxious almost two years on



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Jul 6, 2015
North Wales, UK
Hi All,

I've posted on here quite a few times and was starting to feel better but negativity is coming back tenfold.

My last dental appointment went ok. New dentist who seems very nice (and is happy for me to keep my tooth that can't be crowned) said teeth looked fine at the moment. Came away from appointment in December happier.

The trouble has started again with terrible anxiety over this tooth. I'm worrying around the clock that it is going to fracture. (I'm avoiding chewing on that side so hope this won't be possible.) Following this the regret (why didn't I get my stupid ass to the dentist years ago) and then self-hate & loathing creeps in. I don't feel like the same person anymore mentally or physically. (I feel so ugly having a messed up tooth in my mouth.)

My biggest fear ever is having a tooth extracted. It was so big it kept me away from the dentist. But if I knew how much depression this would have caused I would have run there.

I keep reading internet links about latest dentistry news in the hope of a 'biotooth'. I follow this site for advice around the clock some days. I've read other peoples stories and researched implants. I've also tried antidepressants.

Will I ever feel like me again? Will I ever accept this/like myself again? Will the suicidal thoughts go away?

to hink that if the worst comes to the worst I can get an implant and everything will be alright but at the same time seriously feel suicidal about the said tooth having to go - hence the worry!

The onset of all this coincided with becoming a mother. I was elated for the first two months as a new Mum and then my visit to the dentist was forced upon me.

Will I ever get back to being me/overcome these suicidal thoughts.
Apologies for my typing errors. I shouldn't type of my phone as I can't use the edit facility.
Im 16 and I broke my two front tooths on June 2015. I used to smile a lot but now I don't. Ive had a root canal on one of my tooths but not the other as it is chipped. I can't bite a burger and I cut my tongue often with the chipped tooth as it is sharp. To make you feel better, I'm sufferring a lot, but I also get depressed too and angry. I avoid this situation by saying to myself 'If I kill myself, what would my family think?' You have to remember that you are still living and you need to make time useful during your life. Don't give up because better things are to come. Everything has a solution. The people that suffer the most tend to be the most successful
Thank you Aminul. I'm sorry about your current situation. I think your story serves to remind me that sometimes we have no control over what happens to us. (Although I had some but fear removed it.)

I hope you are right. Maybe our experiences will make us better/stronger people in some way.

I hope you feel better too soon. I don't understand how teeth can make us feel so terrible about ourselves x