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Still have pain in one side after 6 days? Normal?



Jan 10, 2011
Is it normal to still have some gum pain around the extraction site 6 days later? I had both of my top wisdom teeth pulled. They both look fine.. the right one feels great. The left one is still sore all around the site. Motrin takes the pain away.. and it's not excruciating. Just wondering if this is normal? Or should I call? Mine were fully erupted... so they were just pulled under local.


Junior member
May 3, 2010
It totally depends on the individual

Mine were badly impacted and have been told to expect 2 weeks bone pain.

I'm 7 days post op too and still get twinges of gum pain like when I smile and have been told it's normal, as long as it's improving - I think that would apply to you too, even if erupted, because we both have gum wounds.

If you *can* call, or if someone can call for you (I freak on phone to dentists), then do so anyway - they'll likely be able to give you advice over phone. My dentist also lets me email him and responds lol

And I guess keep doing warm salt water rinses. It is possible there is food trapped or mild infection. A GP might also be able to check that a bit, if you find that less stressful

Good luck :)


Junior member
Apr 12, 2016
Was not told how long pain last and mine still hurts and still taking ibuprofen. Good to know to expect pain for about 2 weeks. My procedure was 2 weeks ago.
How is your pain now?