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Still having issues



Jun 2, 2020

I’m still having some strange issues on just one side of my mouth, both top and bottom molars on my right side. Now the symptoms are:
  • very slight tenderness when I bring my teeth together or chew on that side
  • very slight tenderness in my gum when I floss, both bottom and top molars on the right side
  • touching the teeth from the side (like, with my fingers) brings that same slightly tender feeling.
  • Some cold sensitivity
  • I recently tried my husbands prescription fluoride toothpaste , Clinpro 5000, and may be coincidence but the cold sensitivity decreased a lot. now just a very slight cold sensitivity and sometimes not any at all
  • gums don’t appear to look different. I could post a picture if that would be helpful.
  • previously I thought it was just one or two teeth. Now seems like it’s 2-3 on top and the same 2-3 on bottom
  • bottom teeth symptoms are less than the top.
any thoughts on what it could be Or what I could do? I’m trying to avoid going to the dentist right now due to covid and wanting to stay healthy as I’ll be my moms main caretaker for her upcoming surgery. but if I need to go in, I will. im starting to get more and More anxious.
Any sinus issues on that side? Maybe inflammation pushing teeth to contact higher? It would seem unusual to have sudden damage to that many teeth. May want to see a dentist or doctor for a quick check so it doesn't get worse while you are caring for your mom.
I went to a dentist a few months ago and he thought it may be sinuses too. He didn’t see anything on the X-ray or on the examination. And I had just recovered from having Post nasal drip. the only other idea he could come up with was a cracked tooth, but that was only because he couldn’t visibly see anything wrong. At that time the only symptom I had was sometimes some discomfort when biting down.

at this point I don’t think it is sinuses because im fully recovered from post nasal drip.
If the high fluoride toothpaste made a difference then that points towards it being more of a sensitivity issue. Try using a proper anti-sensitivity toothpaste for a bit and see what happens?
Don't use it like normal toothpaste, use it last thing at night, brush your teeth as normal, then rub in some of the anti-sensitive stuff with a finger tip. Then leave it alone for the rest of the night.
Try that for a few days and see what happens, if it gets better, fine, if not, go to the dentist.
Thanks Gordon. I just want to say that this dental journey I've been on lately hasn't been easy. But your help has made a world of difference for me. Having you and the other dentists here to answer questions has helped keep my anxiety at a more manageable level. So thank you, truly.
I think I'm going to make an appointment tomorrow. The cold sensitivity is 99% better but still having issues with some sensitivity when chewing and gum pain. It's hard to explain but I feel a pressure there. Any idea of what it could be? I am attaching a picture of the gums.


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Way up there is more likely to be sinus related than tooth issue, might be some unusual bite problem though so definitely worth asking the dentist to check.