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Still in pain 3 days after wisdom tooth removal



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Mar 8, 2018
I need some help with understanding...i got muy wisdom tooth pulled Monday and now it's Thursday and I'm still in pain....i can barely open my mouth... swallowing is defintely difficult...I want to know what's going on... why haven't the pain went away...
[SUB]I've read that with most cases, pain and swelling peaks on the third day and then starts to wane afterwards. It's different for many people, but that's the most common case I think. Try to give it two more days and see how you feel before you get too worried, but if it becomes too much, please feel 100% free to call your surgeon with any concerns, they want to help. [/SUB]:)
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I'm sorry to hear you're having pain. I had my wisdom teeth removed last week and was in a lot of pain on days three to six. Today is finally the first day where I have not taken a painkiller all day. Sometimes the pain can last a little while but it will definitely go away soon. I would call your oral surgeon if you are concerned though. Mine was able to put a clove oil dressing in my holes and it really helped soothe the pain. I am feeling almost back to normal today. I wish you a speedy recovery as well!