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Still no extractions & in pain



Well-known member
Jun 5, 2019
Newcastle Upon Tyne
I’m still waiting on my full extractions. What with covid and backlogs & the fact I’m waiting for another speciality to review me for other symptoms and the fact I’m having it done under GA the team won’t allow for me to go back on the active list until I’m reviewed by the other speciality.

Few days now I’ve had niggly pain and this morning I’ve woke up to a few mouth ulcers and worse pain, it feels like it’s all over one side and in jaw and ear.

I’m a petrified patient and will take all my courage to make and go to an appointment. Please help me.
you will be fine, I got my 2 lower wisdom teeth extraction recently under local anaesthesia and I felt no pain. Recovery time is about a week. My doctor encourage me to eat solid when I am comfortable. Trust me. I was scared and having anxiety, which I later realize I was fearing for the unknown. You will do great! Trust the doctor and trust the technology!
Hi MarkGeordie88,

I just saw this. If I got you right, you actually want to go ahead with the extractions and the additional appointment you need is more a roadblock in the way? Is there anything in particular that worries you about that appointment?

All the best wishes
Yes of course. I have my referral tomorrow with a specialist to review symptoms and the GP has advised that I will more than likely get asked for more imaging to be done. Alongside this a microbiologist suggested to my GP that she test for a few diseases that could cause some of my symptoms but are rare so they want to rule them out. While all this is going on the dentist at the hospital and anetheatist are saying they won’t put me under GA until they know what is going on.

For me it’s the child experiences I had that the dentist seemed to treat me horribly and also I have a small mouth so it often is a struggle to get in there and it hurts.

Even the impressions for my immediate dentures were awkward to do.
Tomorrow already! Sounds like the professionals you're working with want to make sure everything is checked before you go. That's certainly the right thing to do, but also an additional stressor. Good luck tomorrow and let us know how it goes!
I had my referral. I’ve had various more specialist bloods done that can take up to 5 weeks for the results, I’m also on the list to have my bladder looked into. So more waiting.
5 weeks for the results? That's a long wait - hopefully, you'll get the results much sooner than that! Sorry to hear that there's another wait with the bladder ?. Hopefully the wait won't be too stressful ?
Yeah fingers crossed although I don’t know how long the waiting list is to have the camera into my bladder.