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Still Numb 5 Days After Oral Surgery



Junior member
Apr 7, 2008
Ok I Am Having All My Teeth Taken Out Im 26 Years Old This Is My 3rd Surgery I Have 6 Teeth Left To Get Out But I Had My Surgery On Tuesday And My Bottom Half Of My Lip And Chin Is Still Numb Like. I Mean My Upper Lip Was Like That But I Dont Think It Took This Long To Go Away. Its Not Like Numbing Meds Numb But Different Like A Tingly Burny Feeling If Anyone Else Went Through This Let Me Know Im Starting To Freak Out Here
Hi Poohbear,

A couple of years ago I had an apico done (a root was removed) on a tooth and experienced the same kind of sensation you are describing. After a few days, I called the dentist as I was starting to worry. The dentist told me that the nerve was not damaged but had probably been stimulated during the surgery. I thought I would go crazy as it lasted a few weeks, and it is an odd feeling. He was right, gradually the tingling increased and more sensation started to return until my jaw was back to normal. I wouldn't worry too much, I would say the feeling you are experiencing is a sign that the nerve is repairing itself. If it makes you feel more at ease, a quick call to your dentist should allay your fears.

I hope it goes away soon. Best of luck with the rest of your treatment!

Thanks A Ton Thats Really Helps Me Out Alot