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Still occasional pain 6 days later?



Junior member
Nov 13, 2009
Just wondering if it's normal to still have occasional pain almost 6 days after extractions.

My extractions were on Monday, it's now Saturday night, and there's still occasional pain. I had 16 teeth extracted.

Nothing major by any means, just the occasional little bit of pain here and there. It goes away after just a couple minutes.

It's mostly after I eat something, even something soft.

I looked through my whole mouth as best I could and there's no sign of any bleeding or redness or anything like that. There doesn't appear to be any swelling either.

So is that something to be concerned about? I have an appointment on Monday with my dentist, but should I consider going to an emergency dentist sooner?
I only had 4 extracted Matt, but that sounds ok. I think it was a full week before I didn't notice anymore twinges, especially where the wisdom tooth was. And my gums were still tender a few more days. It's been two weeks and I can gum food a bit and use my Sonicare toothbrush now without pain.

Best wishes for Monday