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Still oozing blood and have a bad taste from it



Junior member
Sep 23, 2022
I’m currently on day 7 of wisdom/molar extraction . So far, the swelling has gone down and no more pain ( knock on wood ) , but I have this persistence blood oozing from a bone graft on top left molar. It doesn’t bleed bleed, just ooze blood with a very bad taste. (I also had a liver clot there . But somehow it’s gone now ) I have no idea if it’s normal or not . Does anyone know ?
It doesn't sound particularly worrying. but I think you should give your surgeon a call, just to see what they think.
@Gordon another quick question, if you get two bone grafts next to each other , do you get two suture ? Or they only need to open one gum and put two in there ?
Sorry hate to give this answer... it depends :(
It varies a lot depending on a few different factors (size and location of the hole for example) and dentist preferences.