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Still terrified of rct (and feeling embarrassed!)



Sep 21, 2016
So I've had my third appointment on this tooth, the RCT is booked with an endodontist now and I'm so, so frightened, just the thought of it is making me cry and I really don't know why. I really need to stop crying.

The dentist was ok, he's not as nice as my own but there it is. He was perfectly nice.. I guess I can't tell what's my ADHD and what's justified if that makes sense.. I was bothered by "what made you come here, why would you come all this way?" Again, maybe it's me being over sensitive... (Likely) but I felt like Id done something wrong/ott, maybe in part because the last dentist seemed ok doing the rct but I just wanted an endodontist as some of what he said bothered me/made me uncomfortable.

The endo told me the canals are narrow which might be a problem, he said it like Id know why (he did that a few times, he just didn't really explain enough), so I had to ask.. on some occasions I wasn't sure if I should've(!) - he warned me tools could snap off, it's harder to see in there etc etc... Something I didn't know and probably didn't want to as it's frightened me more.

For some reason I could feel myself building up inside as he was talking. When I last talked about the rct I was absolutely fine, I stood and looked at the x-rays etc... It wasn't great, but I did ok and certain didn't get emotional. But this time I just ended up crying, he said it was ok but nonetheless I felt foolish, I'm in my 40s so I feel I should'nt react that way.. maybe it's my hormones (I'm struggling with perimenopause and, lack of sleep (I'm getting 4-5hrs if I'm lucky)), the nurse didn't say anything, she just passed me a tissue, I just felt so embarrassed about it and of course my mind is wandering about what they must think of me...

Anyway, it's booked, I'm just hoping it goes ok, that I don't feel any pain and that it works.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you :thumbsup:! Sorry to hear that he wasn't as nice as your own dentist, and that his nurse didn't show as much empathy as one would hope. I wouldn't read too much into his question about "why would you come all this way?", maybe it was just a conversation starter, or he was trying to find out how you decided on seeing him.

Anyway, the proof of the pudding is in the eating... were you able to find out anything about him beforehand? If he gets good reviews, then re-reading them might help a little in the run-up to the appointment :). And don't feel embarrassed about crying, I'm sure they see it all the time!
Hi Nicci,

Please allow me to share with you a few videos I made that might help, they are about the emotional intensity when meeting and talking to a dentist:
Self blaming, shame and guilt in light of dental problems
Fear of authoritarian dentists

Hope it helps.