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Still terrified



Junior member
Jan 19, 2023
Hi. It’s been a few months since I posted. Last time I did I talked a big game about making an appointment and finally going to the dentist. Other than seeing the dentist as a small child I haven’t been and I’m OLD!
Well due to work I had to reschedule…and then I didn’t go. I just couldn’t handle it…my brain just couldn’t do it. Now I’ve been having ongoing issues for the last few weeks again and I’m like-YOU GOTTA DO IT! But Jesus…I’m beyond terrified. The silly thing is that this impacts me every minute of every hour-part of me is like “wouldn’t it be great to NOT be thinking/stressing about it 24/7?!?!
Any supporting words would be so appreciated. I’m going crazy!
Honestly the first appointment really isn't bad at all, I was similar but I was honestly out in around 10 minutes and wasn't made to feel ashamed or anything. They started with the small fillings and are working their way up so I'm sure they'd do the same for you. Definitely make sure to email and explain your fears before you go, they'll probably find a dentist suitable for you that way. You've got this though, be proud of yourself for booking the appointments in the first place 💙

Isn't it easy to beat our self up.. agh.. so know that we get all set then something comes up, please give yourself some grace, you made the appt, life is crazy and can get so busy, you are working on it. Anxiety can make us think so hard.. I say from experience. Is there anything that is especially terrifying you about going? or is it just life getting in the way and having to reschedule. ?
@krlovesherkids777i haven’t gone in like 40 years. I am ashamed to say that. 100%. My bottom teeth are pretty gross. I have them all-except for one that started all this -I cracked one the end of last year and it fell out in January….I made appointments-that I rescheduled and then just didn’t show up for. I KNOW it’s their job…I KNOW I shouldn’t care what anyone thinks…yadda yadda but it’s the shame of it all. I imagine them judging me and basically…my anxiety has me completely basing my worth on the fact I haven’t gone to the dentist so I am a horrible person. On top of that I’m convinced I will need every painful horrible surgery known to man because of my avoidance. (Yea I know-my brain is on overdrive with all of it.)

I’m sure this is waaaaay more than you asked for. Lol. Didn’t mean to word vomit. I am telling myself I WILL go in July. June is incredibly busy with graduations and vacations, that I have made a deal with the universe that I just need to make it until I get back from vacation and then I WILL go. I have to! I must!

First its not more than I asked for at all. you are in good company here... more easier said than done.. you don't know how many times I mustered up the possible courage to get a root canal done I needed and chickened out..The anxiety is so real. and sometimes it really does kick our butt. all we can do is get back up and try again . whether its the 2nd or 3rd time we actually make it or the 10th or 20th.. one day I believe you will. The shame too is real.. it just is and its hard to walk in .. I had one dentist, young female that just started her practice that really turned it around , she was so kind and accepting. I've also had several more that were so kind. One thing I would finally promised myself.. because every single one of us deserve it.. The minute you feel shame from a member of the dental office, and feel judged .. I literally walk.. see ya later. Its just not acceptable.. Everyone deserves kind and compassionate care and it is out there. You will know and feel a peace when there is safety both emotionally and physically enough for you to try and put yourself out there. and just take step by step. Maybe go for a meet and greet before having anywork done, to catch the vibe from the dentist and see how patient and non shaming they are. I've learned alot and filtered dentists that way. Just some ideas.. :) I know its hard.. we are all here to support you! hard days or good days. DFC got me through the toughest , craziest and sometimes even funniest times.

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