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Stinking horrible foul no good soft relines



Junior member
Jan 10, 2010
And all the jazz that goes with em. I had new soft relines installed on my immediate dentures the other day, and the stuff they used. It tasted of Pepto Bismol, Kerosene, Diesel, with perhaps the slightest hint of refreshing mint. I tried soaking them overnight in a water and baking soda mixture, then burying them in baking soda. The odor and taste let up a little bit, but now after wearing them for a few minutes, I'm left with the sensation I'd just ate a Suntan lotion sandwich.:yuck: I've been trying to tough it out, and convince myself it tastes like some manner of mouthwash, but nothing doing.. It's a shame because they feel really nice, but I can't get past this taste/scent... I end up nearly horking em out. :( Anyone got any ideas to neutralizing this noxious stuff? I swear I smell em all the way from the bathroom.
Call dentist ask them to use a different material. Most likely they only have one type and won't want to buy a different one just for you but you could just offer to additionally pay for a box of the material about 150$. That would be enough to do a few times.
I would give it a while - with a lot of things strong scent/taste can wear off or you acclimatise to it.
if in a month you're still having the sae issues go back then.

There's also the thing of taste being acquired - as it is with food - it takes a while to get used to.
It kinda doesn't seem fair as you have already had the trauma of extractions and dentures but if they are fitting well then give them a little more time.

Aside from on here I think of my partial denture as 'my new teeth'.
I am forgiving of them just for the fact they have completely changed my life - I can smile and talk face to face for the first time in 40 years without feeling embarrassed (my teeth grew in twisted and canines really high due to overcrowding but no brace I ever had did anything much - my school dentist was an alcoholic - no braces ever fitted me - they all caused problems and never solved the problem they were intended to solve.)

I can taste adhesive (even unflavoured adhesive has a taste for me!) which I really dislike and my dentist has told me there will be no reline for 2 years for my immediate denture I got last November so I am working up through different adhesives right now.
I don't have a choice so just need something to keep them in place and if taste makes it unpleasant then so be it.
Just a quick update, after days of use and soaking the odor and taste has died down enough that it isn't so overwhelming now. The Listerine strips can be a huge help here. I'll be certain to ask the dentist if they have a different material down the road.. I can't be the only one sensitive to that stuff. I'm thinking it must have been an anti-microbial additive to the mix that put off that smell. Anyways, rock on denture noobs. It does get better, just like everything else in life, it just takes a lil time. Thanks for your input here too Suzannah and Doc Comfort