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Stitches after wisdom teeth - Coming out on day of operation?



Junior member
Sep 12, 2012
Hi, I had my 2 wisdom teeth taken out less than 4 hours ago, and the stitches put in (metal ones).

They are long and thin for the most part, with a sort of 'T' or perpendicular ending to them, like this:

-------------------------l . Now the "l" on my left side seems lodged between a tooth and something (another tooth / gum / the place where the wisdom tooth was taken out) and I'm not entirely sure, as it's still very numb there and the end of this sewed up metal end won't move, and the 'l' on the right hand side where it was stitched, is dislodged slightly, and about 1-2 cm of the length of wire can freely move around in a 360 degree angle.

So, as I didn't notice this until now, I don't know which, or if both, are correctly sewed. (or neither!).

So the end of one of the stitched up parts is stuck in it's position, whereas the other one can move around a bit, and it's causing me to get slightly anxious, as I don't want to do anything to make my mouth very bloody.

Help is GREATLY appreciated..

Thanks in advance
from what i've read and personally experienced, metal stitches are not commonly used in tooth extractions. my stitches were dissolvable.

did your dentist give a reason for using metal stitches?
You'd get much better answers if you phoned your dentist, at least they know what was done in the first place.