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Stitches and the skin flap after wisdom tooth removal.



Junior member
Sep 15, 2015
I had my wisdom tooth removed a week ago, 2 of the 3 stitches came out 4 days after which didn't concern me.
What does concern me is that the flap of skin that was stitched up has become bunched up and gets rubbed between my lower gum and upper tooth when trying to eat, its fine if I'm not talking or eating but I'm a sales person so I need to talk to people and I'm a human so I need to eat.
Is is common for the flap of skin to be irritated between the upper tooth and lower gum (not actually biting it but more rubbing it).
Im just afraid as the stitches came out the reason the skin has bunched up is it has pulled away and will need to be restitched.
I had to have it done via IV sedation which cost me an arm and a leg (for me at least) for the 1 tooth and dread the thought of having to have any more needles near my mouth.

Thanks in advance, I'm actually regretting having it out a little if I'm being honest.
I had my lower right socket stitched after having both right side wisdom teeth out just last week, so I'm pretty sure you have nothing to worry about. My stitches came partly loose as healing progressed, and on both sides (I had all four wisdom teeth taken out, one side at a time) I occasionally had a bit of soreness because of teeth rubbing against the extraction sites. I'm afraid you'll just have to endure it for about a week, which is how long it was until I went back to get the stitches taken out. (Then glorious freedom!) I had a lot of the same worries as you but the dentist was really pleased with how healing was going. Don't forget saltwater rinsing!

And if you have dissolvable stitches, I heard they come out on their own.