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Strange buzzing sensation in middle of lower jaw



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Aug 3, 2007
Hi, nice site :)
Well basically i've been having this very annoying buzzing sensation across the middle 4 teeth of my lower jaw, its not really unbearable (painful yes), but its very annoying.
I have a broken tooth on my upper jaw, which i think has started to rot, and i keep having on and off agonising toothache, but when the toothache has subsided thats when the buzzing starts on my lower jaw.
This sensation is preventing me from sleeping, for the past week i have been literally living on 2 hrs during the day of sleep, and when i wake up the pain is more like a throb for a couple of hours and more painful.
To be honest i had a really bad experience with an emergency extraction at the dental school, where they removed a very infected tooth without antibiotics, the whole thing took 3 hrs and i've never gotten over it, im too scared to go to an emergency dentist now, theres one at the hospital, but from what i heard they don't have time for anxious patients, and don't really like trying any treatment except extraction.
I have an appointment with a proper dental surgery in 3 weeks, but i don't think i can last another 3 weeks without proper sleep or the constant worry of when the pain will come back.
From what i can feel the tooth has decayed on one side, with just the outer shell left, and the other side is getting a cavity, i really really dont think i could sit through another extraction, is root canal an option? And what is the buzzing most likely associated with?
I've been brushing my teeth at least 4 times a day because the sensodyne numbs the buzzing for a short period, but could the buzzing be to do with over brushing?
Sorry to moan on, and thanks for any advice in advance :)
Re: Strange buzzing sensation in middle of lower j

Hmmm..that's odd. Do you possibly use an an electric toothbrush? That's the only thing I can think of...although, I get the same feeling on my tongue when I discover a new food allergy. :( I also have experienced a tingling sensation from the top of my eye to the bottom of my face....one which has stopped since I had removed the infected bottom tooth that I had. Perhaps it is coming from that top tooth. Do you have TMJ..there could be tons of reasons why that would happen. I hope you find the answer you seek. Good Luck. :XXLhug:
Re: Strange buzzing sensation in middle of lower j

Well an update, the pain became too much, so i booked myself into a private emergency dentist. Took me all day to psyc myself up, reduced myself to tears at the thought of it on several occasions, but it came to 6pm and i had to grit my teeth and go (mind the pun! ;) )
Basically i was a total wreck, my whole body was shaking, the dentist asked me what i wanted to do, and i said root canal over extraction. I can't say the treatment was pain free, my nerves were obvisouly inflammed and raw, so the drill and needles did send shooting pains up my face...but it was tolerable, although on a couple of occasions i let out the odd swear word without knowing, and was squirming on the chair in cold sweats, but i think that was due to my fear of the unknown and my total lack of pain tolerance lol.
2 hours later, the pain has gone, infact i had no pain after surgery, i've actually managed to eat, and i can say im gonna have one good nights sleep.
For those of you that are anxious, the anxiety is a lot worse than the pain, at least you know after the hour or so of uncomfort, you will have no more pain. I know im not gonna change anyones mind, but life is so much sweeter without that toothache hanging over your head. :)
Re: Strange buzzing sensation in middle of lower j

ya know, hes right. its the fear thats worse then the actual pain! this is whats been driving me insane, not any real pain, its the fear of being in pain that drives us crazy..

Once its done, its done! We forget how simple life can be and we feel the need to make it more complex then it really is!