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Strange changes after wisdom tooth removal



Junior member
Dec 16, 2020
I had one of my lower wisdom teeth removed a month ago. The tooth was deep and wrapped around the nerve. So it was pretty complicated. But I healed up ok. Ate a lot of antibiotics, drank smoothies for two weeks and the surgeon checked me several times, always saying I am healing really good. I didn’t have any complications. But I still have some discomfort in that spot. It’s surprisingly sensitive to temperature (can this be related to the nerve and the fact that the bone is still healing?) and I also notice that the other side suffered a bit. The joint or muscles there are a bit painful from time to time. I am eating hard stuff mostly on this side, can this be the reason? Or maybe it’s related to other stressful situations I had recently, I am not sure…

Just wanted to understand if it all is ok and should be expected. All the internet articles are boring and simple “heals in two weeks” but it was basically just the gum, but there are other things that need to heal, especially in my ugly case. So I can’t really find any good info about it, and since I moved to another city, I don’t have access to that surgeon to ask him my questions, which are probably stupid anyway, not worth the train ticket price.
Hi Drakolis,
Wisdom tooth extractions heal at varying rates. It is not uncommon for it to take several weeks.
If it is mostly temperature sensitivity that you notice now, then the most likely causes is that the gum has receded slightly on the tooth next to the wisdom tooth. This will have exposed a tiny area of root that is not used to being out in the open. It is a common finding and will, most likely, resolve in about 2-3 weeks. You can help it along by rubbing a smear of sensitive tooth toothpaste around the base of the tooth and leaving in in place.
Hope that helps,