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strange hard lump on bridge of mouth



Feb 26, 2013
I had extraction on 19 that h and stitches removed last week. No problems with socket but I had stitches in the bridge of my mouth. Bit if bone came out with my tooth(yuk) I now have a little slightly sore hole where stitch was and it feels like a boney lump under it? Bit worried about that butane I'm just being a bit paranoid as my fear sometimes makes me this way. No pain but a little sore? Is that usual? Thanks for any opinions? X
Hi Tracey,
From your description it sounds like the area is healing normally and there is no need to be concerned.

Thank you for replying. Never had boney lump there before so was paranoid( as ever) thank you, xx
And it's normal for boney lump just in the bridge of mouth? As I say socket is fine ?
Sorry to go on, but this little hard lump where stitches were seems to have broken through the skin. It's sharp and feels like bone or maybe tooth? The extracted tooth was fused to bone so could this be bone? It's still not painful but it is sharp if my tongue hits it. Will it come away by its self? Sorry to go on about it again!
It's likely to be a boney spicule quite a common after effect from an extraction and nothing to worry about.