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Strange pain after deep fillings!



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Jul 31, 2014
:dunno:Hello all! I'm new to the fourm...Although I've been "lurking" for quite some time considering I've had so much work done lately, it's safe to say this site has helped me with most of my questions and concerns!

so two weeks ago, I had 3 fillings (white) on my lower left tooth, (sorry..not sure exactly what tooth) and my dentist said they were "REALLY DEEP!!!" they gave me the enjection which literally shocked my entire face and sent a major pain sensation into my bottom front teeth.. the dr said he may have hit a nerve or some muscle. After some violent drilling, he finished within the hour and said it was close to the nerve but was sure there was no need for a Root Canal.

It's been two weeks as of yesterday and I keep getting woken up because of my jaw pain, toothache! if I bite down really hard I get a dull ache, it's not a really bad pain.. it's just annoying! I went back and they took another X-ray and he said it looked fine and it's probably because the work was so close to the nerve that it irritated it and will calm down in a few weeks?!o_O Has anyone been through this before?? i'm stressed because my insurance ran out and im strapped for cash!!! PLZ HELP!!!
also forgot to add, sweets hurt the same tooth! not sure if that means the filling didnt hold or he cracked the tooth
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Hi, sometimes it just takes a while to answer the questions... there's just a few dentists on the board and if none of them popped in on the day it can take a bit of time.

I didn't answer because (as a nondentist) I'm not really qualified to have an opinion:( It's pretty usual for a deep filling to be sore / ache, but the sensitivity to sweet things seems odd.

It's possible there could be a leak. It's also possible it could be a referred pain from somewhere else in your mouth. Maybe, your tooths root is a little exposed by gum disease and that's causing the sensitivity to sweat things...

As I said, not qualified to have an opinion... so all I can really say is "I'm sorry you're in pain," and that if I were in your situation I'd call or email your dental surgery and explain your symptoms to them. They'll have a better understanding of your teeth and be able to tell you if this is 'expected pain' or 'go to the dentist' pain.
spontaneous dull ache pain overnight generally means either clenching/grinding or an abscess. Sensitivity with sweet implies there is no abscess so if I were you I would get the bite checked.
Got a second opinion yesterday..The Dr said the filling is touching the nerve and it may take a while to heal, but then suggested a root canal, how long should it take to heal?? has anyone else been through this??? if so, did your tooth heal within time?
This has happened to me had the filling and the intense pain had disappeared by the time of my next appoitment 2 weeks later have no to get a root canal done as I was told the tooth has been filled too much and the only other option is to have it taken out