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strange pain after extraction and root canal



Junior member
Feb 23, 2011
Hi, me again!

Briefly, I had a failed RCT tooth extracted last week (upper molar). Really unpleasant experience but it seems to be healing ok.

Just prior to the extraction (in the same appointment), I had the first stage of RCT on a lower bicuspid tooth. Now, after previous experiences, I hate RCT and tend to panic at the rubber dam etc. However, I managed to hold it all together :innocent: and it wasn't too awful. It was tricky to get numbed up as I think the tooth was quite inflamed, according to my dentist. It had been hurting before hand, but was not agonising (well, not compared to the failed RCT above!)

However, now, 5 days on, I'm getting loads of pain from my front teeth (lower ones) which don't have anything wrong with them! I hope! :confused: The pain is bad enough to distract me at work, and I'm having to take painkillers. The tooth I've just had RCT on is tender but nothing like as painful!

Is this normal, and will it go away? Please? I'm going back in a few days to have the RCT finished and I'm SO fed up of being in pain.
Can anyone help, please?