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Strange pain



Mar 5, 2021
Hi, I have a broken tooth that I think is dead. The other day food came into my hole and I tried to suck it hard and then bone hurt a little when u push it. Not above this tooth but on the other behind it, is it possible from the strong suction or is there an abscess? I am very worried
ps: My tooth dont hurt only a little discomfort sometimes and hurt a little when a (chocolate or spicy food came into the hole) but not from cold and hot
I know i need to go a dentist but im so scared and im scared too for my tooth and i dont want infection. And i start thinking bad stuff that i have a bone or sinus infection and i will die from it and im scared :((((( Im so paranoid im so sorry
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Hi Mona65
i understand your fears, and of course when you feel able to I would strongly encourage you to visit a dentist, and I have been where you are, so believe me I know it’s easier said than done. As far as dying from an infection, those cases are extremely rare. If I’m not mistaken i believe the dentists on this forum have confirmed that previously. I wish I could go back and take care of the things i let go for too long. I understand the fear completely but dentistry has come so far and it won’t get better on its own. Best of luck and keep us posted
I’ve been almost exactly where you are (right down to the food getting stuck in the broken tooth & trying to suck in air to dislodge it). Unfortunately, I ended up with an infection that reached the root & it became very painful. Ultimately, the pain is what finally got me into the dentist. As absolutely petrifying as that was, it was better than the alternative of unbearable pain. I hadn’t been to the dentist in over 10 years up to that point. I was put on antibiotics the same day as my emergency dental visit & a week later I had a root canal. As scared as I was for all of those visits, the payoff was no more pain (!!) & feeling like a badass for FINALLY doing it! I’ve had a few more procedures done since then & even though I’m still nervous (okay, scared) it gets a little bit easier with each visit & I feel a little more in control of my health as the days/months go by. If you do have a tooth infection, it won’t travel to other parts of your body. This has been repeatedly confirmed by several dentists on this forum. Wishing you the best of luck & hoping you’re out of pain very soon. ❤️
Thank you very much, but I still can't calm down. Because it hurts a little and when I blow my nose, I start to think that I have sinus thrombosis because of this tooth, I don't want to know the symptoms .. :(
Finally i know what i have,i have sinusitis or infection and im on clindamycin! Is this possible from my bad tooth and its is dangerous?? Im scared
Finally i know what i have,i have sinusitis or infection and im on clindamycin! Is this possible from my bad tooth and its is dangerous?? Im scared

This sounds like a good question for the doctor who diagnosed it and gave you the clindamycin. What did they say?
i ask him and he say its not that bad and this antibiotics is right but im scared i don’t believe him :(
I need a root canal and one extraction but im scared from this infection and i believe in people here more than him idk why
Personally, when it comes to my own experience with infections, I've had four infections in my wisdom teeth, and I didn't even take antibiotics the last time I got an infection. But I'm still alive and well. Both of them are broken and I get food stuck in the bottom left side every day. It's become a daily activity of cleaning it out after meals. So I know how you feel, same situation for me as well.

I've also had multiple sinus infections over the years, though I'm not sure if they were caused by my teeth. Thinking back on everything, that could have been the cause. Because my wisdom teeth hurt really bad when I had sinus infections. But I didn't take antibiotics or go to the doctor when I had sinus infections, and again, I'm still alive and doing just fine.

So I think you'll be okay too, my friend. Much love and wishes for a speedy recovery. It'll be okay. ?
Thank you,im on antibiotics and today im I feel a little better now, but I'm still scared that the infection won't spread and somewhere else on my body, I may have to pull out the tooth already because it could have remained, but I'm very stressed, I don't know how to get over it. during this I am a very anxious person and i overthink everything and this is not good i know but i cant stop.. :( and i feel very bad from this
Yes, upper abscessed teeth can cause sinusitis, but that wouldn't really spread elsewhere in the body (unless you're severely immunocompromised). So you're not going to die from it or anything. But for your own comfort, it would probably be a good idea to get the affected tooth/teeth root treated or removed. That way, you wouldn't have to suffer with this on an ongoing basis.

Do you have any friends or family members who could recommend a good and friendly dentist?
Thanks a lot! Unfortunately I can't find a suitable one and I've been looking for it for so long, I have the feeling that they don't understand me and calm me down with the words "don't be afraid, it's not scary" but they only tell me that they don't take it seriously. Sometimes I think that the problem is only in me and I feel bad looking at how others are not like me :( The last dentist i call i tell him that in afraid from covid too and he tell me the same words.. and thats sad for a medical person for me
I'm not sure how good Google reviews are in Bulgaria, but when you search for dentists from the UK or Ireland, you can get tons of reviews in your area. Have you tried looking online for recommendations? Or maybe there's a local facebook group?
I want to share with you my horrible experience today at the dentist. I found a dentist who had pretty good reviews from my moms friends about how careful and humane he was. I was scared because I had no other choice and it would get worse and because of the good reviews I was somewhat calm. This was my worst visit to the dentist. He behaved rudely, hurt me and tell to me not to move and pressed my head a lot and behaved very very rudely. I start crying and left .. :( And one woman in the cabinet are not masked
Now im very sad????
And now im with one more unfinished open tooth
Hello again, I'm worried that I took clindamycin for 7 days and it didn't seem to affect the sinusitis very well and they replaced it with augmentin for another 3-5 days. I'm worried about becoming resistant to both antibiotics if I have to get antibiotics after a tooth is extracted. Is there such a possibility?
and one last question!Because I have 2 teeth, one of which has an infection and the other had a small granuloma, and the infection in the sinus is only on the side of the tooth with the smaller granuloma. Is it possible that it is from the other tooth on the other side and has spread through the bloodstream or is it from the one left aide with small granuloma because it is close to the sinus?
Really sorry to hear that the dentist who was recommended by your mom's friends turned out to be so rude and uncompassionate ? . That sounds like a horrible experience. I wonder if younger people (of your own age group) might have higher standards when it comes to chairside manner - do you have any friends or acquaintances whom you could ask for recommendations?

Regarding your last post, have a look at this thread:

Dental infections don't travel around through the bloodstream.

What is meant by antibiotic resistance is that bacteria evolve to become resistant to antibiotics (through overuse in the general population). It doesn't mean that YOU become resistant and antibiotics no longer work for you:

In any event, would be very rare for people to need antibiotics after a tooth is removed.
Thank you very much, it means a lot to me that you try to respond to everyone's concerns! I hope to find a suitable dentist soon, no matter how difficult it is for me, and to get rid of my problems, because I'm tired of worrying! It was awful at the dentist really, I don't know how I came across him :( This was the worst dentist for me