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Strange taste after root canal



Mar 5, 2021
Hello 7 days ago i have a root canal (finished) with permanent filling but i have strange taste of medication when i suck it now its alomost gone but i can feel it and i think the tooth have problem with the filling and will be infected again.. what it could be?
It taste like plastic to me
It's kind of hard to say without looking at it. Any idea what sort of filling was put in it?
No i dont know,only know the seal was not one of those that hardens with uv but hardens itself
I sent a photo to my dentist and he said there is a crack in the tooth from there I feel the taste of the filling but at the moment he is not in town and can not see me, will the tooth get infected again after the canals are filled
Unlikely in a short space of time.
Hello again, it's been 2 months since the last post here about my tooth, another dentist also said that there is no problem even if it is cracked because the canals are filled, and the taste I felt is almost gone.. A crown should be placed, but they said, that it was not urgent, in your opinion, after 2 months he did not get infected, is it possible? Does it not leak saliva at the canals? The crack is only visible not flexible
Im scared i will get infection again :(
It's possible that the canals can get reinfected, but it's very very unlikely. I wouldn't really worry about it.
Thanks Gordon i will try to stop overthinking about it