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Stressed about wisdom teeth removal coming up



Junior member
Jan 31, 2018
Hi, I have a appointment scheduled for next week(Feb 6) and I have been stressed out for a long time. I'm scared of going to sleep.. I'm scared something will go wrong. I'm scared I might not wake up, or somehow will feel the pain.. I don't know what to do to calm down...
it's normal to be stressed. A lot of us have been there and had all of the same concerns. You are making a big step and it will be soooooo worth it once you're done! Please go to the success stories forum, there are so many great posts about wisdom teeth extraction that will put you at ease. There are a lot of common words and sentences in these success stories about how easy it was, how it was a piece of cake, how IV sedation was amazing, how worth it it is, etc. You can do this!
Hey Bobby,

all the best for tomorrow! Hopefully you have a wonderful dental team that will know how to put you at ease.

Keep us posted, look forward to your success story!