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angel 22

Junior member
Aug 25, 2016
I have not been to a dentist for over 20 years plus, I have the biggest fear off the dentist ever, I went to a dentist for the first time in years in June and was referred to the hospital, I've now been told I have to have a full clearance but under local anaesthetic, the thought of this is terrifying me, plus I have to have a biopsy totally freaked out by all this
Any advice on how to deal with all this and do anyone have any ideas on how long I have to wait for the procedure
Hi Angel :welcome:,

I‘m really sorry to read about your situation. You showed great courage seeing a dentist for the first time in June. I can‘t tell you how long you have to wait for the procedure (what did your dentist tell you?) but it might be a good idea to separate things into smaller pieces. May I ask you what exactly it is that makes you scared when you think of the treatment? There are a lot of approaches and things that might help and having some clarity about your individual fears might help you to find the right way...

All the best wishes and let us know your thoughts