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Struggling again - delayed treatment



Junior member
Jan 2, 2023
I posted a while ago about extreme fear around sedation and two extractions. Still not had it done - got a date booked in for early April. Still absolutely terrified despite trying not to be. Also been advised to have a root canal and filling done, and been advised probably would be better for me to have all done in same appointment so as only one injection instead of two or potentially three if all done over separately. But they can't do that until August. Petrified my teeth will get even worse in meantime. Went from ok teeth, to now needing 2 X extractions plus a root canal and a filling. Really scared about the sedation in April...don't know how to stop being terrified, trying everything to calm myself down, nothing is working at the moment..does anyone have any suggestions how I can calm myself down please,because I really want to and hate that I get like this. Would hypnotherapy work? Any tips very much appreciated, thanks in advance.
@essella, my approach would be not to use anything that will knock you out of consciousness, because these methods like IV sedation do not help with the stress and anxiety prior to the appointment.
The only kind of sedation I can recommend is inhaled sedation known as laughing gas (AKA nitrous-oxide) because it does help you stay relaxed without changing your state of awareness.
My approach is investing the time and effort in finding a dentist you can trust and building a good rapport and trustful relationship.
You are welcomed to explore my website treatyourdentalfear.com which contains many videos about dental anxiety. Hope it helps.
@essella I'm not sure if you've seen @Snowy's post at the end of this thread:

They found a YouTube hypnosis video really helpful. Hopefully the one I posted is the one they were referring to!

As far as I know, hypnotherapy can be very useful for anxiety in the run-up to appointments (and on the day itself). If you have a hunch that hypnotherapy may work for you, make sure to choose someone who is qualified. There are many lay hypnotherapists with very minimal training around. In essence, anyone can dabble in hypnosis with only a very basic understanding of it. Whoever you choose should be registered with a major hypnosis society, for example a full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

There was also a thread started a couple of days ago on a similar topic which may have some useful tips:

@essella Must you have the sedation? I had a dentist who would I have required I use an oral surgeon who would have sedated me for my extractions and dental implant. I shopped around for another dentist and found a person who was willing to do it all without sedation, with local anesthetic only. I had to negotiate, and he acted like it was very unusual that I didn't want sedation, but he was willing to do it, and I was able to get 5 teeth out (not all at once), and my dental implant with no sedation, just local anesthetic, and it was perfectly fine.
Thank you so much to everyone who replied...and apologies for the delayed response...today I went for a root canal ...this one was without IV...horrendously nervous, before and during... shaking in the chair...not good ..managed the injection (didn't hurt, they froze the area first) and he started doing the root canal...managed a bit ..and then I couldn't really deal with any more....he said it was time to stop...used a non-adrenalin anaesthetic, at my request...said was bleeding more than was hoped for (nothing life threatening) and that it was looking tricky where gum had grown over the area where I'd lost some of the tooth, making it all not straightforward....I feel like I failed today and like the dentist is getting sick of treating me (he's lovely and hasn't said this, I guess it's my fear that he will). He said it's beat if he asks the dental surgeon if he can do some of the work on it when I have IV sedation for two extractions in two weeks time....I am so scared. Yet going off today I don't think I can have this dental work done without some kind of sedation, and I don't think the dentist would do it without now either now. I'm worried they are going to refuse to treat me any more....I'm terrified of the IV sedation...and even more terrified of general...so frustrated and stressed and feel hopeless like I'll never manage to get this done yet I absolutely have to....