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Struggling to cope



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Jul 26, 2022
Hey, I've had 7 fillings done already and I feel like nothing is going to plan. 2 of them fell out after 2 weeks so i got them filled again and no problem as of yet but now I think another one has fell out after a month. I honestly feel like my dentist is using temporary fillings as its always the white ones that fall out and never the silver one I have. What do I do at this point? Do i move dentists when one becomes available or do i just keep getting them refilled? I feel like it's getting a burden on my parents because they're having to take me and I've honestly been every month since my first appointment in February
Hmmmm…. Very annoying indeed. Silver fillings (named Amalgam fillings) are less and less being used. I think there are three possible reasons:
1) bad diagnosis, there might be a factor that makes the fillings to fall, for example excessive force applied on the filling while eating, or that the filling does not have a good grip on the tooth (or something else)
2) Wrong technique applying the filling. Usually it has to do with moisture
3) One of the materials the dentist is using is not suitable for this case.

In any case, it is better if the dental office gets another senior dentist involved, to find out what is the matter here. After all, it is also for the practice’s best interest.
@Imapparentlyhere hi are you with a private dentist or NHS ?
The NHs have messed my teeth up and now my daughter pays for me too go private I just have too pay her back monthly
My fillings were filled with something that wasn’t lasting at all but the private dentist uses composite ?
Much stronger and you can eat once the filling is in .
When I had NHs ones I couldn’t eat or drink for about 4 hours !
I know it’s not possible too do private and if I could find a NHS dentist that does correct treatment then I would go but unfortunately I’m finding it difficult.
Hope that helps
@Dr. Daniel Thank you. There was no excessive force as I was only eating soft foods. For some odd reason too the fillings on my bottom teeth hold much better than the top ones so far do you know why this would be? I've also noticed there being brown lines left behind which im assuming is decay so would this be a reason theyre falling out?
@Natzuk I'm with an NHS dentist but I don't have to wait to eat food after the filling so I'm unsure what's going on. She always tells me I don't need to wait but maybe I do and they're just not setting properly (?). Thank you, I'm definitely thinking of looking around. My current dentist has a good review on google but so far it's been pretty problematic unless it's just me. Thank you though :)
@Imapparentlyhere I would definitely look around just because when fillings keep coming out , it’s not a good sign . I won’t say who my old dentist were they begin with a B ! Terrible and even the reviews are .
Am happy with my new dentist but at the moment am battling constant infections as am waiting for teeth removed under general anaesthetic. I hate my teeth I don’t smile and right now it’s like I’m counting the days down till another infection happens! Hope you find another dentist soon !
@Natzuk Thank you! Hope your wait isn't too long, I've also been struggling with infections but haven't been referred anywhere yet as I'm not in pain with it. Best of luck and I hope you can smile happily soon

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