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Student doctor forums........how the new generation of doctors views their pt



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Jul 10, 2013
Gunn, Alberta, Canada
Student doctor forums........how the new generation of doctors views their pt

Came across a student doctor forum accidentally by searching for " SEDATION "........ I wish I had bookmarked it..........3 days later I'm still horrified............ ( thank god I found my dentist to do my extraction under deep sedation and I find I can completely trust her) Apparently there are 2 camps at university......the ones that believe in sedating and the ones that don't want to do it. Reading thru the forum for almost an hour it boils down to this............according to one young dentist with apparently an sadistic streak.........it's "more CONVINIEND "to have the patient conscious( he can tell you he is in agony and that's a good thing), it does not PAY to do sedation and there are risks involved with sedation that he is not willing to take ( he spend to much money to become a doctor to be sued later on )............he claims his "Doctor Phil " approach works just fine and people forget the pain he inflicted fast..............and he wasn't the only one with a view like that on that forum......god help us all..............
Re: Student doctor forums........how the new generation of doctors views their pt

the problem with student doctors (being one myself) is that a lot of them are not knowledgeable in what it's like to be a phobic patient (in this case, the debate over sedation: only phobic patients would utilize this option)

many are very immature and most of their attitudes will change (hopefully) when they start doing clinicals, seeing real patients, and trying to maintain a practice with patients that WANT to come back! some times, it takes a couple years for these student doctors (especially boys) with no experience with phobias to understand and be mature enough to sympathize.

dont read too much into what they say... most of them will probably change or not graduate
Re: Student doctor forums........how the new generation of doctors views their pt

to add a good note and share a story of a young dentist who is very kind:

i have a friend that literally JUST graduated dental school (last monday!) and he is the kindest, most compassionate dentist I have ever seen. he is very patient and has even helped me over text message with my fear! very kind, willing to go above and beyond to make a patient comfortable, and even help patients pay for dental treatment out of his own pocket.

there are GREAT dentists out there, dont be turned off by all of those immature ones
Re: Student doctor forums........how the new generation of doctors views their pt

I'm fearful of sedation, so I won't do it, but I see student dentists. I only ever saw a male once, for my initial intake appointment, but he was fine. I was horribly fearful then, and he handled it well. Almost ever female student I have seen has handled my phobia well. I had one I disliked because she didn't know how to use the equipment very well and hit me in the face with water. Everyone else has done pretty well with it. They've handled me gagging and vomiting. I had an exam yesterday with some second year students. I spent the weekend yelling and ended up with laryngitis. I could barely talk and was gagging worse than usual, albeit not as bad as I used to. I was slightly annoyed that they kept trying to make small talk with me, since I couldn't really talk well, but they dealt with it all pretty well. They did remember while asking me questions that they had to fill out for the chart to phrase things as yes/no so I could answer without speaking as much as possible. I was actually near puking before I even went in. I gagged during the exam, but I never came close to throwing up.
Interestingly, none of the students or supervisors has ever suggested sedation to me. I know they do it there, because I've seen some people walking around in some scrubs that said sedation, and I've seen someone at check in who was getting sedation. Even with my first student, nobody ever mentioned it, and I'd sit there the whole time when I first saw her gagging, crying, shaking, and sometimes throwing up. I mean shaking so bad she had to stop and wait for me to stop shaking. Private dentists see this and dismiss me as needing sedation. I don't know if it annoys the students, but they've all worked through it. Then again, I show up reliably and pay my bills immediately in cash. These are sometimes rarities among their patients. I needed a lot of work due to not going for a while. Showing up reliably so they aren't left with nothing to do for a few hours probably helps.