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Success at long last!



Nov 3, 2012
Hello all!

I have not posted on these forums for a long time but I went for my 2nd dentist appointment in 13 years today and I have finally found a dentist that understood me, listened to me and I felt comfortable with!

My story is typical of many on here: scared to death of the dentist since I was a little boy and I habitually avoided it for years. I developed panic/anxiety attacks and had to seek counselling, which enabled me with the courage to see a dentist in February 2014. Unfortunately the dentist was very unfriendly, very unsympathetic and seemed to be devoid of any emotions other than a bored, apathetic demeanor about her. It me disappointed, upset and even more scared of the dentist - to rub it in, she was a "phobic-friendly" dentist that did sedation :giggle:

Fast forward 2.5 years and I saw myself whisked from my quiet suburb just outside of Stockton on Tees to the magical land of Newcastle Upon Tyne for university. I did contemplate going to see one of the dozens of dentists that The Toon has available but the panic attacks and fear returned with a vengeance and I kep putting it off and putting it off. My teeth at the front grew sensitive, the painful lumps at the back of my mouth grew increasingly sore, a small black mark appeared at the front of my bottom incisors and I freaked out. Basically I grew into a right state! Unfortunately, my health took a turn for the worse and I began to suffer from several mental health issues that still plague me and this meant I was unable to think rationally about going to the dentist.

It all came to a head in November 2015 when, at work's Christmas party, I felt my first wisdom tooth poking through and I fainted from panic. I knew in the months after that that I would have to see a dentist sooner or later though my fear kept me in denial. Over Summer 2016 I began to look at various dentists and eventually settled on one in Jesmond, a leafy suburb of Newcastle with many lovely cafes and hotels. It took an anxiety attack or two for me to phone the practice up and was greeted by a sympathetic receptionist. The next fortnight saw me have several anxiety attacks and end up getting sent home from work a few times due to not being able to cope.

Fast forward to today and I woke up in such a frightened state and was worrying and worrying all day. I was very nervous walking to the dentist's office as I hadn't been told who my new dentist was and all scenarios were running through my head. The receptionist was very nice even though I was having an anxiety attack in the waiting room and my appointment had been pushed back 10 mins.

The dentist personally came for me and was very friendly and chirpy, not laughing at me even when I confessed that I wasn't feeling very well and caught me when I felt really dizzy. She took the time to read my list of concerns/fears/history/problems and went through it with me before we started. She was sympathetic to me feeling very anxious and faint. She made me feel so calm during the exam and I am pleased to say I managed several new things: I managed the air needle thing; I managed the gum probe instrument; I managed a cleaning too. I never knew that was what she planned to do but she went slowly with it and explained absolutely everything very calmly and clearly and made sure I was happy before she started everything. She said I may be overdoing it in the brushing department and I had some slight calculus at the back of my teeth (she cleaned it off) but everything was absolutely perfect apart from that. My wisdom teeth are coming through but they are not impacted and by the looks of things can stay in there :jump::jump::jump:. Best of all, she said she had absolutely no concerns at all about my oral health and so I only need to come once a year :innocent:.

I left the dentist feeling a complete idiot for putting it off this long and for getting so wound up over it all but I also left feeling relieved, happy and confident that I have finally found a dentist that I not only liked.....BUT WANT TO GO BACK AND SEE! I'll be honest, I wouldnt mind going back for a checkup every fortnight as she was so good!

Peace guys!

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