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Success! Made it through an extraction and bone graft!!



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Jun 24, 2015
Hi All - I keep meaning to post my full "journal" of the dental journey I've been on for a year and a half now, but can't seem to get around to it!

This week's progress: 30 years ago, I injured both front teeth (8, 9). Both were RCT then and 8 had Apico a few years later. All was well for several years but I would get the ocasional mild pain on 8. Nothing I ever really thought twice about or had to take any meds for. In the last 12 months, 8 has finally succumbed to the original injury. I resisted losing this tooth for many months and was seeking *any* alternative to extraction, no matter the cost, but two specialist and three general dentists managed to convince me to let it go.

I was so emotional about losing a front tooth - I've only ever had wisdom teeth extracted (all 4 at same time, all were impacted, I had GA for that procedure 20 years ago).

Obviously, I'm super concerned about appearance and had a temp flipper made in anticipation of having the extraction. Eventually, the infection flared again (4th time in 12 months) and I knew I had to give it up :( Made the appointment to have a consult with a reputable OS, discussed replacement options and my concerns with him (would extraction damage surrounding teeth? how will they make sure all infection is removed?).
After considering all replacement options, I'm dead set on having an implant for a front tooth, but funding may be a challenge there. OS advised this tooth needed bone graft and healing time after extraction before implant due to infection and bone loss already realized because of long standing infection. So I'm at least 4 months away from an Implant surgery after extraction.

Went in for my dreaded extraction Monday morning. I've had root canals, apicos, fillings, crowns all with only local and was rarely nervous about the procedures but for some reason the idea of having a tooth pulled out really scared me. I worried I'd feel it and it would be horrible! Mostly though, I worried that my extreme resistance to losing this tooth would cause me to jump out of the chair and bolt before they could pull my tooth! I was originally dead set on having GA to have the procedure, but to save money, the OS suggested IV sedation as an alternative. I trusted his judgement and all I can say is....I don't know WHY anyone would pay an extra $300-500 for GA to have this procedure when a simple IV sedation made me so unaware that I have zero memory of any of the procedure! A very, very kind nurse and sweet oral surgeon assistant were really good at calming my nerves before the sleepy juice was given and the next thing I remember, they were gently waking me up in recovery...I was so happy to hear it was over and they got all of the infection. I do have stitches I wasn't expecting on my palate, but I'm assuming an incision was made back there to ensure they really removed all infected tissues? I'll bring it up at my follow up...I'd imagine they'll remove my stitches then assuming all goes as planned.

Most of all though, if any of you out there are having anxiety about having an extraction/bone graft procedure, I can honestly say that because of my experience, having IV sedation was well worth the few hundred bucks extra AND my recovery has been...pretty awesome. I kept up on pain meds on day one and part of day two of recovery just to make sure I didn't let any pain catch up to me. But for now (less than 48 hours post procedure), I'm only on Advil and can honestly say it's mildly tender, and I've had no real "pain" after the extraction that Advil and the occasional pain pill didn't take care of. The pain of infection is 1000000X worse than the physical recovery from my extraction and bone graft. I had very minimal bleeding in the post op area and NONE since I've been home.

I can't say it's been easy adjusting to looking in the mirror or wearing the flipper. And eating has been very strange, but not at all difficult...just different. I managed a nap after lunch on my extraction day and then a trip to Target to shop (!!) wearing my flipper, but wearing it for longer than about an hour and the neighboring teeth were aching too badly to keep wearing it. I'm going in for an adjustment tomorrow so I can hopefully wear it for Xmas comfortably.

I'm just really happy and proud that I did the one thing I didn't want to do and it's over and it went VERY WELL!! It's done and over with now, and all I can do is move forward!!

Any tips for getting used to the partial? I think there was a thread around here for that...I'll go digging around.


Junior member
Jul 10, 2014
Hi Deck,
Any update on your dental journey? I am on one myself and sure has been a bumpy ride

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