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Success story???



Aug 29, 2020
So.. today I went to the dentist thinking I was going to have one filling... it was a deep filling in my upper left tooth (#4 I think). When I got there, they said I was getting 2 fillings, one on top and 1 on the bottom, opposite sides. I explained that I didnt want them done on opposite sides and said I was expecting to have the one on the upper left done. The dentist said that would be fine. I also asked he to fix the one on the bottom on that side too.. I do NOT like having the whole one side on my mouth numb, but I bit the bullet and did it. I want to get all my dental work done before we go back into no services because of covid. That was the successful part, plus I scheduled another appointment for next week to get 2 more cavities done in one session. This is all thanks to the support I have found here.

Here's my question.. the top tooth with the deep filling doesnt hurt. The bottom tooth that had a root canal and need a leaking filling replaced hurts! Not the tooth, but gum tissue (it's annoying but expected and manageable) Also, I have one spot in my lower jaw, not even near the area she worked or gave me the injections, that feels super bruised, tender to the touch. The area is about the size of the tip of my finger and it hurts like on the jaw bone, under the jaw bone. I know it's not the bone, but I dont understand why it hurts in a small area in a completely location. Any thoughts on this? It's the only pain I have really.

One more thing, the appt took a long time about 1 hour and 15 minutes.. there was a new dental assistant that was helping with the treatment amd the dentist had to keep directing her to grab this, not that etc.. I think this prolonged the procedure. Anyways, any thoughts or comments on the weird jaw pain would be appreciated... thank you!
You've had your mouth open a long time, so you could be having some aches and pains related to that?
Well done on coping with a fairly traumatic appointment btw!