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Success story!



May 29, 2019
Good evening,
I had extraction of #13, #14, and #15 today with local anesthesia and Ativan. The dentist also performed bone grafting and first stage implants. I had many, many sleepless nights leading up to today, but it went extraordinarily well. I only had some minor pain at the end, which he then administered additional local anesthesia and it was smooth sailing until the end.

I brought some comfort items to my appointment such as a blanket, some headphones to listen to Christmas music (it always makes me happy), and a popper fidget toy.

I had explained to the staff prior to coming that I was very nervous and they were all very kind. As a token of gratitude for their kindness, I brought some cookies, scones, and pastries for the office staff.

The dentist was also very kind and gave me breaks as needed. His patience made all the difference.
Overall, it was a wonderful experience.

I know dental work can be very scary, but it truly feels like a victory when it’s done.
Wish you all the best!!