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Mar 7, 2014
My teeth are not the greatest but they are not the worst. I have had root canals done in the past. I needed a root canal done a few years ago and the dentist at the time had difficulty getting me numb so he abandoned it. Then when I changed to a new dentist because he moved away I needed another root canal on another tooth and again that could not be numbed. We came to the conclusion that over the years my nerves have become resistant to numbing and although I can have ordinary fillings which do not hurt, when they have to go deeper for the root canal the deeper nerves are still alive. My latest root canal could not be done for the reasons stated. Tooth got infected and I was told in no uncertain terms that like it or not I needed root canal on that tooth. I was very worried. I go to a new dentist and he said he will try to do it and that I should not let what happened before stop him from having a go. He numbed me up and started the work. I did not feel any pain at all and he completed it and I did not feel a thing. To this day I will never understand what happened before but the last dentist gave me four injections and it still did not work. Current dentist said he would never give so many injections
Nice job on having the root canal done. Glad you found a dentist that was able to work with you and get you numb.
What an awesome story, patient! :jump::jump::jump:

This will be a great encouragement for people who had gone through similar experience in the past.
I had the root canal done over two visits and when I went back for the finishing touches to the root canal the dentist said to me we will do as before and again I did not feel anything. Strange that I felt nothing when I felt pain before at other dentists. I cannot imagine this dentist has magical powers to enable this to be done with no pain. I really want to ask my previous dentist if she can fathom out why it was so painful for her to do it and this dentist did it and I did not feel a thing? I do not suppose she would have the answer and it would probably make her feel inadequate as a dentist because she failed and he succeeded
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I am sure glad it was the same for you this time and you felt no pain again!! :perfect:
I do totally believe and have experienced some dentists have much better technique, different techniques and maybe a bit more patience to take their time and really make it as painfree as possible. I'm glad you got someone who does great painfree shots!! and with experiencing numbness so no pain during procedures either!! so happy for you. Sounds like a keeper.