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Successful visit



Junior member
Feb 19, 2024
I’m so proud that I was so brave at my dentist appt last week! theres so many scary tools, lots of poking with the metal hook, yet I didn’t complain haha. Just let them look in my mouth and do what they needed. And you don’t even get a reward! Like least when you’re a kid you get a sticker. Going into it i was definitely nervous about it all. But mostly when they use the explorer, and the bright lights/ noises.

Although my teeth and gums look good. I hopped onto the chair and they asked my medical history etc. the tray of tools was right next to me so I tried not to look at it . I had headphones on, and the dentist came over, put on gloves and said I’m going to lay the chair back now. Had my eyes closed! She turned on the overhead light, had a look with the mirror and explorer, I do find it uncomfortable when they do that, and the taste of the gloves. She’s looking and poking around and it was okay,she said this may be uncomfortable as the was probing my gums ( it wasn’t) and calling out numbers and words I didn’t understand. She puts the chair up, and said I’ll do some x rays now. After those she said I just need to take another look again at an area. So new pair of gloves on. She used her finger and the mirror to examine my teeth and the explorer too, she did poke around a bit I guess just to get a good look but it didn’t hurt . Just the sound of it bothered me.

I do have to go back for some minor fillings I have no pain and she couldn’t see them on her first look only the x ray not even sure if she could detect with the explorer or feel them then. I am very nervous about the drill being used due to my noise sensitivity. Think I did well. Do they have to drill?
Hey Doglover125,

congrats and well done! :jump::jump::jump:
Sounds like you did really well! If there is anything that you are not sure about, for example where the cavities are that needs to get filled or how to cope with noise, I can only encourage you to ask a lot of questions and your dentist should be happy to explain everything to you. When it comes to the noise, you could discuss this too. Maybe taking some breaks may be an idea?

All the best wishes
@Enarete Thankyou! I was very proud of myself. And yeah I may ask I’m not sure where the cavities are actually I definitely can’t see them. Yeah I am a little worried about how to cope with the noise. These are good tips
You have all reason to be proud! By the way, it's your right as a patient to get all the information you need to get anything done so asking is absolutely okay.