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Successful Wisdom teeth removal with IV Sedation



Junior member
Jun 12, 2021
Hi! This forum really helped me calm my nerves and actually going to my dental appointment to get my wisdom teeth removed so I had to come back and tell about my experience!

So 2 days ago I finally had my wisdom teeth removed after my dentist told me for 15 years that I should get them out! (I'm 29 now)
Honestly, I can tell everyone who is planning to get them removed to get IV sedation!

My appointment was at 7 am (I wanted the first appointment since I couldn't eat or drink before the surgery because of the IV, but also because that gave me less time to freak out in the morning?) .
When I got to my dentist, they took me to the room and measured my blood pressure (little high of course), blood oxygen level and also put 3 stickers?on me (2 on my collarbone area and one on my stomach, not sure what exactly that measures but I'm guessing the heart rythm?).

Then I was ready for my IV, the dentist came in and after poking me twice (which wasn't bad at all), the needle was in and he told me that I would feel really comfortable in about 2-3 minutes! After about 30 seconds the room started to moving and I was out cold! The next thing I remember is the dental Assistant waking me up and helping me get up, then I remember being at home... overall after they inserted the needle the rest of my day is super blurry! I don't know how I got home ?, so its definitely important to make sure you are accompanied by someone you trust deeply!

Now 2 days later, I haven't had any pain so far just a stiff jaw and I'm still pretty sleepy which is good since sleep helps your body heal after all!

Ok that's my story and I hope it helps someone out there who is as scared and terrified of their wisdome teeth removal as I was! No reason to freak out, just try to stay calm, once the iv kicks in you'll feel like you take a quick nap and wake up with gauze un your mouth! No pain! No memories of the procedure!

You got this! ♡
Lisa 1992

:welcome: and thanks for sharing your great testimony! This is awesome, and calming to read!
No pain is awesome too! just wow :):jump::perfect: