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Successful wisdom tooth extraction



Junior member
Aug 9, 2007
Hey guys, just felt like signing up to post an interesting story. Though I may not exactly have a full-blown dental phobia, I got to say, this was one of the most nervous experiences in my life going in....and then it was over.

I went in to get 2 impacted wisdom teeth taken out, and they were putting me under IV sedation. Now I have a mild fear of needles because I really don't like the pain and pressure, and to be honest, I kept on thinking up the worst case scenario, like I would have an allergic reaction to the IV fluids and die or something....or that it would still hurt.....I swear my heart rate was peaking at like 140 at times....

Well, after the needle was in and they put an oxygen thingy over my nose, it took about a minute for the picture in the back of the room to look like it was distorting or something and then...

I woke up. Wow! I was completely asleep that whole time and I don't even remember a thing....I was expecting to be somewhat awake during it but not care what they were doing to me like they said, but no...I don't remember an ounce. I almost wanted to do it all over again, 'course I'm outta wisdom teeth now (had the other two pulled at a dentist). I was so happy afterwards. Now I just have to deal with the post-op pain, but vicodin has been working pretty well.
What a lovely story, hearing such good reports on IV sedation, which I'm going to have soon, so hope it works well for me too. Bit confused though, what was the mask thing for cos I was under impression that the IV sedation put you 'out' enough to have gums numbed for extractions. I bet you're relieved it's all over now. Good experiences like yours give all the rest of us so much hope and support.