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Successful wisdom tooth removal



Junior member
Dec 1, 2012
Hi All,

I've found this forum very useful when preparing to have my wisdom tooth out, having not been to the Dentist for five years due to anxiety during my long delayed April 2011 visit I found my lower left wisdom tooth needed to come out.

As I was experiencing no pain I decided not to bother having it removed and to just leave it, all was well until August this year when I had an infection in the badly decayed wisdom tooth and was in agony with pain for a week, after antibiotics the infection cleared up and I thought oh, it will be fine now.

I left it again until the pain returned and after another round of strong antibiotics I finally found a good Dentist and had it removed on Tuesday. I really wish I had done it sooner as the whole thing was painless and my recovery has been quick and easy. On the day I was very nervous all day, on getting to the surgery I spoke to my Dentist about my concerns and after reassuring me I had 2 small shots of local anaesthetic and waiting for t to take affect.

After about 5 minutes the Dentist checked the anesthesia had worked, and began working on the tooth, I still had some pain. The Dentist was calm and re-assured me it may be due to the infection I has recently had and a suggested more anaesthetic, this was painless as my mouth was mainly numb. Less than five minutes later my tooth was out and I was relaxing in the chair wondering what all the fuss was about.

I had some swelling which had gone down by the next morning and had no pain at all, the numbness wore off about three hours later as I had to have extra due to the previous infection. All in all it was a million times better than I had thought and I really wish I had done it sooner.

Four days later and my gum is healing well, there is some slight soreness in my gum which is to be expected.I have to have my right wisdom tooth out as well and I'm feeling a lot more positive about it. For anyone who is about to have a wisdom tooth out, talk to your Dentist about your concerns and have an open mind. Chances are it will be a lot less painful than a nasty infection and will go much more smoothly than you think.
Wow....you just made me feel calm about mine upcoming....I too am super anxious and just want it done. Great great :jump::jump:job.