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Successfully dealing with fear of over treatment/bad treatment



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Jul 9, 2022
I have had a major breakthrough in dealing with my fear of over treatment/bad treatment and trust issues with dentists and dental professionals.

I started using a service called Denteractive. You can get a second opinion with a dentist for $10. They message with you within a few minutes and you can send them pictures and xrays.

It's been so good to be able to talk my case over in detail with a dentist, messaging is much less stressful than talking at a dental appointment.

The dentist I go to is spread very thin with four patients in different rooms at any given time, and rushed, and that combined with me feeling stressed, so unable to think clearly or think of the right questions to ask has been a huge problem that Denteractive is helping with.
That's awesome! I've never heard of that I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing.
I hope it works out to be useful for you. I love it! The dentists use their real names so you can look up their practices, and kind of see who they are and what they do, they also have a profile that shows what their expertise is in. I have used it three times so far, and i always talked to a dentist within 5 minutes, so if I am worried and have questions I don't have to wait to get advice. You can do a video call with a dentist with them too, which is more expensive, I have never done that. I did a video call before with another service than Denteractive, called The Teledentists before. That was good too, but much more expensive than the Denteractive messaging.