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Sunderland, Durham



Staff member
Jan 1, 2005
The following dentist is interested in helping nervous patients and e-mailed us with her details:

Jackie Doran
180 Chester Road
Sunderland SR4 7EY
Tel: 0191 510 86 86

"We offer a variety of approaches:
Simple and friendly approach
Clinical Care Co-ordinator
Hypnosis and NLP
RA Sedation (laughing gas)
IV sedation
Air Abrasion
The Wand and Injex - ('pain free' injections)
TV Goggles (for adults and kids!!)

We take delight in helping people to overcome the challenges they face in achieveing great oral health. We have many patients who had 'a bad experience' before coming to us (some up to 25 years since seeing a dentist!), and we have a tremendous success rate with helping these patients."
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