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Super extreme dental phobia almost conquered



Junior member
Feb 18, 2018
I've been absolutely terrified of dentists since the age of 12, when I had a nightmare experience after going for an extraction on my own( this was years ago when dentistry was nothing like today,I hasten to add) and I had a dentist-( they didn't have dental nurses in with them at the time ) who froze the wrong side. I tried to tell him but he ignored me, and pulled a tooth from the unfrozen side. I screamed and he told me to "shut up".
I was ok after but so terrified, I didn't go near a dentist until I was 25 and married, and my husband persuaded me to go. I had such a lovely dentist who, once I'd explained treated me with the utmost care, kindness and respect. I still feel scared occasionally even years later, but obviously it was an exceptional case!
Hi Jane,

thank you for sharing and well done! Your experience with that one dentist sounds really horrific! Happy to hear that your husband managed to make you take the first step and that you have a lovely dentist now. Being scared now and then anyway is fine, even non-phobics get at least a bit nervous when seeing a dentist...

All the best wishes:)