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Super nervous to make appointment



Junior member
May 19, 2022
Hello there, I am a 37 female and I haven’t been to the dentist in about ten years , I have been a few times only to get A tooth pulled or root canal performed because of excruciating pain. But no cleaning or regular oral care. I brush twice a day, floss, waterppik. I quit smoking recently after ten years whoo hoo! But seems my teeth have randomly hurt or been very sensitive, also my gums on the bottom part are dark red 😟 I’m so scared I have periodontal diease and have to get teeth extracted, I have already have four back molars out due to infections. I’m going to attach photo, any suggestions or support would be greatly appreciated!AC7B7C9F-3068-4106-83F0-95BB14164D50.jpegAC7B7C9F-3068-4106-83F0-95BB14164D50.jpeg
here is a photo of the red gums ☹️
Your gums look fine in that bottom photo.
Really?? I thought that dark red line is a bad sign of gum disease
Nope, quite the opposite. In fact in my younger days we called it a "health line".
You're seeing the division between the 2 different kinds of mucous membrane that lines your mouth. The tough stuff that handles the wear and tear from chewing and the softer stuff that covers most of the rest of it.