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Super sensitive following deep clean



Junior member
May 27, 2012
Discovered a gum abscess a week ago and have been on antibiotics - finished last night. Had a deep clean in and around the offending tooth on Monday but since then it has been incredibly sensitive/painful. Anything hot or cold is like a powerful electric shock - and sometimes it can start to hurt for no reason at all and then disappear. Brushing the area is also incredibly sensitive (the gums are fine it's definitely the tooth).

Appreciate that with the abscess etc everything in that area will be sensitive for quite a while as the nerves will be firing off all the time. Got another appt Monday to get it looked at but anyone have any ideas what might calm things down in the meantime. Appreciate that over thinking doesn't help either but difficult to focus at the moment - the jaw muscle also spasms once in a while since I've had the deep clean.
I believe that lots of sensitivity is very common after a SRP (deep cleaning), and that this can last a week or so.
An abcess is an infection. If still is pain after antibiotics, you may be looking at a root canal on that tooth.
You could try rubbing some sensitive toothpaste onto the affected area - for more detailed instructions, see this page:

There's a good illustration of dentinal tubules here (would love to put it on the page above, but unfortunately haven't been able to figure out who holds the copyright):

Thanks all - I will try the toothpaste.

Yes the picture - it's a good job I've not got a filthy mind :thumbsup:
Don't just brush with the paste. Massage a small amount in with a finger and, for best results, make sure to do it very last thing at night right before going to sleep. That way it doesn't get washed off so fast by your saliva.