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Surgery was ok, recovery not so much



Junior member
Mar 13, 2012
Had my surgery at 8 am this morning. Still a little dopey, so I'll try my best to type this all out.
I was extremely nervous before my surgery, and almost started bawling in the waiting room. I got a little apprehensive when they told me my dad couldn't go back with me, and started to tear up walking to the room. The nurses were extremely kind and patient with me. They talked me through everything and quickly gave me my nitrous oxide (something I knew would calm me down and had been asking for). I calmed down moments after inhaling the gas, and even managed to smile at the doctor when she walked in. She waited until I was a little droopy to put the IV in my hand, and I did feel a slight pinch. Last thing I remember is wincing a little and a nurse reassuring me.

About an hour or so later. I was laying in the recovery room with the warmest blanket ever. I have no clue how they got me in there, but I woke up with my dad sitting beside me and I remember the nurse giving instructions on how I should take care of everything. Then they sat me up and the nurse walked me out to my dad's truck.

Recovery so far has not been too pleasant, but I expected this. The recovery from my last oral surgery (an upper frenectomy without IV sedation) wasn't pleasant either. My throat hurts and its difficult to swallow anything, its hurts when I change the gauze (the gauze in general is painful), and my mouth is always full of a bloody saliva mixture.

Hopefully the two percocets I took an hour ago kick in soon.


Super Moderator
Jan 5, 2012
When you feel a bit better you could maybe answer this, What did you have done? Only if you want to.

Whatever it was WELL DONE AND CONGRATULATIONS :jump::jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump::jump:

I hope you feel better soon. Stay warm and try get some sleep.