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Surgical Extractions (just a little [a lot] terrified)



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Mar 2, 2022
Hi all,

So now that I’ve actually started the process of booking my major work and now that my worst tooth that needs to be extracted is getting worse, I had a gander at my estimate again where it lists my four extractions as being complicated. Apparently that’s another word for “surgical” although I’m not 100% sure on that, maybe I’m wrong? (Can I hope to be wrong?)


I’ve only been able to really find information on those who have had simple extractions (including YouTube and other websites, admittedly I haven’t backtracked here too much) and that process is different to complicated ones, of course.

I was wondering if anyone here has experience having complicated/surgical extractions (that aren’t wisdom teeth) and if so, can you tell me what it was like? The actually process and then healing?

Right now my brain is going a mile a minute with fear and terrible scenarios and I just want to know what I’m in for and someone to say “it’ll be okay!”
My surgical extractions were no different to me than the others. Healing was the same as well.
@Ladydi1724 Thank you for the response! That’s what I was wondering. The word “surgical“ sounds quite intimidating as if there will be more of the bad stuff (pain, blood, etc) so if can be like that of a regular extraction that would be great.
A PHobic Queen,

ohh I so get you there on going round in your mind on that and what exactly complex might be and just a huge trail of thoughts wondering about it..I'm with Ladydi, I've had both, and mostly complex. I can say maybe the simple were quicker like the bottom bottom front seemed to be over in a flash. I think with a good skilled patient dentist both can be just fine and over before you know it.

Could you ring or email your dentist and have them call with an answer, tell them you have some questions before and you'd like an answer. I know my last few dentists would be happy to take all the time to answer I needed. I think they appreciate questions most the time. When will you have it done?
@krlovesherkids777 Thank you so much for the response kr!

Oh, yeah, the mind is such a funny thing. For me, it latched onto that word “complex” and just ran with it! I’m happy to know that it’s not really all that different from a regular extraction so that, at least, can take care of some of my worries :) I’ve never had an extraction done before, so either way it’ll be a new experience, that’s for sure!

I didn’t actually think to ask the dentist about the process. But I might do that. Mostly, I’ve been talking with the treatment coordinator about other things but I might do that?

My extractions won‘t be until either September or a later date (barring something happening in the meantime), since I’ll be having them done under general along with some other work at the same time. It’s going to be hard waiting that long with these teeth in my mouth that need to come out (four as of now) but the dentist and I both thought that having me be completely unconscious was for the best with how terrified I am.
I had all of my uppers extracted in one go, and 3 or 4 were charged as complicated. I had no idea which teeth those were, and there was no difference at all with their removal or healing.
@LittleLynnie Thank you! I’m glad to hear that.

It seems like the general consensus is that it’s really no different than regular extractions, which is such a relief.