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Surgical work on wisdom tooth



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Dec 2, 2009
So about 5 months ago one of my moulders broke down and was near the gum line, I went to the dentist and she had to surgically remove it, between the pressure and sounds..., it was the most tramatic thing I ever went through and swore that I will take excellent care of my teeth to never have a tooth break again, a week ago I was eating some nuts and my wisdom tooth on the top left side broke in two spots, leaving two sharp tooth pieces pointing out and yet again I need to have a tooth surcially removed. I was wondering if anyone has been through anything like this, and if you know weather or not having a wisdom tooth surgically removed is the same as having a moulder surgically removed.
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Apr 21, 2008
Teeth are teeth, and some are harder to remove than others. Your wisdom tooth may come out easier than your molar, then again, it may not. It all depends on the tooth and it's structure (and the skill of your dentist/oral surgeon).

My suggestion to you is to ask for nitrous oxide. It will calm your nerves and it sort of 'deadens' the sounds and world around you. Also, bring some music to listen to. You may still feel the pressure, but you won't care very much because of the nitrous.

A little trick with nitrous....be sure to breathe deep and keep your mouth closed when they first give it to you....otherwise the gas is exiting out your mouth (instead of going into your body) and it will take longer to take affect. I love nitrous!!

Also, I'm one of those people who prefers to go to the specialist for things. It just makes sense that people who do something all day long are better at it than the 'general' practioner....so if it were me, I'd go to an oral surgeon to have the tooth extracted.

Lastly, please know that if this is a bottom wisdom tooth, there are nerves that can get injured during the extraction. It's very rare, but it can, and does happen. For that reason alone, I'd go to an oral surgeon.

Good luck. You can do it! I had two wisdom teeth removed last year... and even though I've had lots of work done on my mouth, I was still apprehensive about getting these out. With nitrous, things went very smoothly. My only mistake was that I didn't do them at the same time.


Nov 1, 2009
I have just had 3 taken out, the last one being yesterday.
To me they were no different than the other teeth i had taken out.
She did warn me that i may get a cracking sound but i didn't when she was pulling on it.

They also check the root so they know best how to remove it.
Hope this helps.



Nov 4, 2009
I also had a tooth removed recently, and it was a big one that it lasted for an hour and a half. There were those sounds too, but it didn't bother me despite being a severe worrier pessimist with no tolerance to pain and unpleasant experiences. I thank my iPod for it. Maybe you could use music to ease your discomfort?