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Survived my first (of many) appointments including two extractions



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May 19, 2022
I have struggled with dental anxiety for my entire life, to the point of avoiding the dentist for years including simple checkups and cleanings for fear that they would find cavities or other problems. In February, I reached out to a local dentist I heard great things about and scheduled that first appointment. The staff at this practice are all so nice, and they even give you a cozy blanket to cuddle while you're in the chair and offer an ice cream treat when you're finished! We decided on a treatment plan that includes two extractions, three crowns, nine fillings and a root canal to get my teeth to a good place.

This morning was my first procedure (with oral sedation) and I couldn't have been more worried for the past two weeks. When I went in this morning though, the same caring office staff were there to greet me and the dentist personally came to retrieve me from the waiting room. I quickly felt at ease as he talked though the plan for the day and placed the sedative powder under my tongue.

Next thing I knew, it was two hours later and he was putting the finishing touches on the second extraction. My sister drove me home and I'm spending the rest of the day in bed eating apple sauce, oatmeal and ice cream. Hardly any pain, too, nothing that an over-the-counter option can't fix.

I am so grateful for this forum for helping me learn that my anxiety was going to be worse than the actual procedure. I'm sure I will have anxiety again for the next round of work, but I made it through the hardest one.
Congratulations @celery, what a great achievement! So glad you found a dental team you really like, they sound like lovely people 🤗 .

I hope things have been healing well since last Friday? Wishing you all the best for round 2 👍🍀!!

This is so great to hear! Sounds like you and the team did great and you are taking care of yourself well! This is all great!! :welldone: :cheer2: