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Survived Three Fillings



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May 15, 2013
Wow, I am so happy with my new dentist. I cannot express in words how happy I am with him. Wish he were an In-Network provider, but it was worth the $411 vs $77 he is that much better!

It was night/day!

Past Experience:
Last year, I had 9 cavities that had to be filled and it took two (2) dental visits, 17 injections, including blocks that caused what felt like an electrical shock with some of the injections. I couldn't feel my tongue, etc. It was horrible! Heck, one tooth wasn't numb at all and it was like the dental drill was an electrical wire hooked up to a wall socket. For about a week, just the memory of that latent pain hurt! Then when I came un-numb I experienced severe discomfort and pain afterwords, heck one tooth was throbbing sensitive to hot/cold including intermittent electrical shocks/zingers. The teeth that were filled were loose, my gums were bleeding... Overall, it was painful like a 4/10 constantly for 2 weeks then 2 to 3/10 for four weeks... and finally a 1 or 2 out of 10 for three months... Then about a 1/10 for six months. Eventually after 1 year, that tooth quit hurting!

I had high spots that hurt and I kept tapping them when I chewed, I had rough, sharp spots that caused my tongue to become injured, and I had some fillings that felt like popcorn kernels stuck in my teeth. Flossing was a nigh-mere with the floss getting stuck, and the fillings felt "chalkey" The spacing was inconsistent, etc... Quite honestly they looked like a perfect match for the teeth, but they felt artificial and just plain hurt!


When I heard that I needed three (3) fillings, my heart sunk! I didn't know if I could go through with it, but I knew the alternative was that I was going to end up with a toothache, need root canals, possible extractions,etc., so I sucked it up and found a different dentist.

All I can say is WOW

Dentist: You are in a cold sweat and your BP/Pulse are through the roof? Dental anxiety?
Me: Yes, but I am also afraid to be sedated.
Dentist: Okay, is it needles that freak you out?
Me: YES, but only dental needles! I would rather be in traffic court or have 17 flu shots!
Dentist: Past experience that bad?
Me: Yes, electric shocks, failing to numb, bruising, etc... then horrible sensitivity and throbbing (one tooth hurt for a year)
Dentist: <hugh> It shouldn't be sensitive for more than a day or two. Two weeks MAX.
Me: Nope 4-8 weeks, teeth also felt loose... It was horrible.
Dentist: Well, let's get you numb. I am not going to have to do any of those horrible blocks and will use a newer drug called Septocaine.
Me: Alright.
Dentist: Done.
Me: <BP drops to normal and I stop sweating profusely>
Dentist: Well, I think we are ready.
Me: I am not numb I can feel my tonge.
Dentist: Can you feel this?
Me: NO
Dentist: This?
Me: No
Dentist: <drills a bit> Did you feel that?
Me: I felt the hot air exhaust on my tongue, but no :jump:

[1.5 hours later]

Dentist: I am done and NOBODY without X-Rays will EVER be able to see your fillings. How was that?
Me: It was alright so far. No episodes of feeling like I am going to pass out or vomit, and no pain that is 15/10. But I won't know until I un-numb.

Dentist: Just call us if you have any issues. Here is a card for our after-hours desk for any dental emergencies though I highly doubt you will have any.

Me: Wow, thanks!

Dental Assistant: Hands me a hot, steamy towel with some lemony scent to wipe my face down. NICE!

Me: <thinks> God, I love these guys, and I don't care if I am making his Watercraft payment!:giggle:

It was amazing. He used a drug called Septocaine and two injections (I felt only one as a slight pinch 1/10) and #28, #29, and #30 were numb. I honestly had such a bad experience, I did not believe him because I could still feel my tongue and talk. He was like, "Why numb your tongue? Most people don't like that!"

Instead of taking 10 seconds per tooth to drill, he spent at least 15 minutes very slowly drilling, shaping, using some decay detecting die, high magnification, etc. I thought for sure I was going to be in agony once the numbness wore off given all the drilling.

The bands bands for the DO's and MOD were so tight they took him about 3 to 5 minutes to remove!

He used no fewer than four (4) different composite products bee it etch-ants, dressings, flow-able, etc. Honestly, I don't know. All I know is he did a LOT of layers, used the light a LOT of times to cure them then spent probably 10+ minute per tooth polishing and adjusting. He had me check each tooth with my tough (that wasn't numb) etc.

I thought for sure my lower lip was un-numb but that my teeth themselves were still numb because I was not in any pain. Then I realized, my teeth were fully alive and awake yet totally pain-free... They felt as good after as they did before being drilled into.

I tested the waters with a diet Pepsi (with ice), a hot cup of coffee, and a Sonicare toothbrush. All I can say is WOW. NO PAIN. Last time it would have been 4+ weeks if my last dentist did the work. Heck, I even chewed up chicken strips and french fries on the side he did the fillings the same day!


Okay, so it gets better. I had this one tooth #28, which had to be re-done (previous dentist admits screwing it up and offered a re-do, but I figured out he is a hack). #28 ALWAYS caught food. It used to all-ways take fancy flossing techniques and a water pick just to clean the debris out that got trapped under the filling that was too large.

I bought more Glide floss and went to floss it.
:jump: No stuck floss, no stuck food, smooth as glass!!!:o
Not only that the contact points are all even. Also that one tooth with the loose filling no longer aches when I eat something sweet.

All I can say is I feel like I got the gift of three, brand-new, perfect teeth. This dentist has done so much to improve the quality of my life and to alleviate my fear of dentistry, I would be willing to travel 1000+ miles to see him if I ever move!

All I can say is that I am so thankful I found a truly qualified dental God who not only fixed a bad filling and did two others but also fixed a few rough spots, fixed some floss catching points, etc. i.e. He did the finishing work the last guy didn't do. Heck, I cannot even see the filling she placed or tell which teeth he worked on looking in the mirror!
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Steve In Cleveland

Steve In Cleveland

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Apr 10, 2012
Cleveland, OH (USA)
Woohooo!!!! Congratulations! Sounds like your dentist and staff are talented, compassionate, and kind. This is how everyone should expect dental care to go. (Although I've never been handed a warm towel after-- that's a nice touch!)

With modern dental tools and anesthetics, fillings should be painless and simple, and your teeth should look and feel wonderful after, with proper contact to other teeth so your flossing is smooth and food doesn't get stuck.

I'm sooo, soo happy that you had such a great experience, and I hope this helps erase some of your past experience with bad/painful dentistry.

Enjoy your new teeth, and your new life!