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Swindon, Wiltshire - possible website link



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Mar 23, 2006
In My Dental Happy Place
An interesting dental website for anxious patients in the Swindon area:
https://onewoodstreet.net - IV sedation from £150.
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Re: Swindon, Wiltshire - Website Links


I visited these the other day, they were really welcoming! very clean and tidy brilliant staff.
as you can imagine, i was very "stressed" when i actually managed to get through the door! but they were so brilliant. i only had a few "slips" of panic but once they started talking to me i calmed down, that plus looking at the fish in the tank!!!!
one other thing, after talking to Paulina, they didn't even know that they had been suggested on here! they now do and are really greatful!!!!!
not looking forward to the next time i'm there as i will be having work done not just talking to them!!!
but i have been given the option for sedation on any work i have done!!

definately would recommend them!!!!!

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