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Swollen and bleeding gum :(



Junior member
Oct 12, 2017
Hi, after some months of not having at all any fears and pains and distractions,and being carefree for a while,I found myself with a swollen gum in an area of two crowns, I had before a cyst in a dead tooth with a crown and the anesthetic injection would not work due to the cyst and they cut open the crown so that the tooth could be extracted I could feel everything happening at the moment, all the excruciating pain. This is one of my many dental adventures. So now, I get to be terribly anxious about it happening again. Also my gum between two healthy teeth has been filled with tiny bleeding papules bringing back all my phobias. All at the same time. Furstrated and currently sleepless.
Thank you.


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They both look like you've had some food packing in between the teeth and gums. Get hold of some TePe brushes (Amazon stock them) and give the areas a good clean. Expect a LOT of bleeding the first couple of times you do it but this will stop fairly quickly. It's nothing to get too worked up about but obviously that's easy for me to say :)
I actually use them since last year after I had gingivitis. Thank you for your reply :)