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Swollen gum around one tooth- please look



Junior member
Apr 18, 2020
In the last couple of days the gum has become red and a bit sore around one tooth- this tooth has a small buccal filling which has been there for years. The tooth does not hurt.

I am extremely careful with cleaning (brushing and flossing x 2 a day, use electric toothbrush etc).

I can’t see my dentist about this because they are all still shut. I’m so worried this means there is decay under the buccal filling and something awful is going to happen ?. On photographing the tooth I have noted a small dark dot towards the back of the filling on the tooth.

What can I do about this in the absence of practicing dentists? I am using corsodyl and trying to keep the area even cleaner than usual.
Thank you


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Thank you - it could be something stuck possibly? I have tried to clean thoroughly but could try a water flosser. Is it unlikely to be infection associated with the tooth?
To me it doesn't look like an abscess/infection associated with the tooth, and the symptoms don't really match the usual intense pain associated with an abscess, but I'm not a dentist. Would you like me to move this into the Ask a Dentist section?
That would be wonderful, many thanks! P.s I appreciate your advice
Let's is right, (as usual!) doesn't look like any kind of infection, doesn't look like decay so something has irritated the gum a bit. It doesn't have to be anything physically stuck in there, even catching it the wrong way with your toothbrush could do it.
Thank you so much both for your reassurance! Much appreciated, especially in the current situation