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swollen gum around wisdom teeth/agoraphobia



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I have all 4 of my wisdom teeth in, in one form or another :(. anyhow, my prob now is that i woke up this morning and my back left, lower one, well the gum is swollen around one side of it. I don't have any pain. I can open my mouth etc. Its just swollen and when i touch under my jawline it is tender.

I have been gargling with salt water today and thinking of taking tylonel possibly to ??

So since i can't get out right now due to the agora and well money. What other things can i do to help relieve the swelling?

ps and yes even before the agora hit i have always been phobic of dentists.



Former Member
Tylenol is probably not the best option, because (as far as I know) it doesn't act as an anti-inflammatory. If you need to take a painkiller, Advil/Motrin or a ketoprofen (don't know the brandnames in the US, you'd have to ask a pharmacist) would be better.

Keep up rinsing with warm salt water. Sometimes, swelling near the gum line may simply be the result of an impacted food particle - if something is caught there, gently try and remove it with floss.

Obviously, you should see a dentist to find out the reason for the swelling (sorry, but I have to mention this :)).

If you're in the US, I recently came across a donated dentistry services site which mentions housecalls, but I don't know if they cater to agoraphobics or not, and it's only in Colorado, New Jersey and Illinois. In case you're interested, the URL is


You can also contact your state dental board and ask if any programmes might be available in your area. For links to US state dental boards where you will find contact numbers and e-mail addresses, see


Sorry I couldn't be of more help :(